by Rev. Yolanda

produced by Phil Carroll of Recording Artists Development

© Copyright - Rev. Yolanda / Bearded Lady Productions
Doo Wop Musical Theater Inspirational Blues Pop Gospel with a Trans-tastic twist from Blues Hall of Fame and GLBT Hall of Fame Award Winner. Rooted in American Southern Blues, Doo Wop, Country and Southern Gospel.
Genre: Spiritual: Contemporary Gospel
Release Date: 2018
Rev. Yolanda's official video below for the title song Transcendence:
Starring Rev. Yolanda, Doreen Younglove as The Plumber, Stephen Dunford as Lady D*D*-The Fairy Drag Mother.
Conceived, directed , filmed , and edited by Catalin Stelian Shanks.
Story: a male bodied person of a certain age, has a dream that begins to set them free to live their non-binary, trans-femme authentic life.
Teaser: This song is from the upcoming autobiographical musical "The Church Of The Alien Love Child Presents: The Passion of Rev. Yolanda"


Shawn Thomas- Gay Christian singer songwriter:

A Music Evolution of Transcendence
Rev. Yolanda is definitely an artist who enjoys mixing styles, and "Transcendence" is another example of her musical diversity. The EP description reads, "American Southern Blues, Doo Wop, Country and Southern Gospel" - and Rev. Yolanda does a fantastic job of authentically arranging and performing the Doo Wop/50's style. I felt like I was listening to the "Hairspray" soundtrack. The production, by Philip Carroll, has a "live" feel to it even though it's a studio production, which only adds to the fun experience of hearing Rev. Yolanda perform these songs. Be prepared to be completely transcended - possibly even a little "non-binary, feminine, and hairy!"

Jeffrey G- Rev. Yolanda SUPER FAN

Jeff G

Another amazing and inspirational cd from Rev Yolanda. These 3 tracks present an exciting new sound that will hook you from the first notes. I highly recommend this cd as well as all of the others from this talent with a truly loving heart.

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where Gender Transcendence creates music of Divine Love

where Gender Transcendence creates music of Divine Love