Rev. Yolanda:,

SAG-AFTRA (eligible) - Fully Vaccinated

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High Maintenance (Season 2)




Family Stories:Vivian Wheeler,Bearded Lady

Guest Star

Discovery Network


The Dave Chapelle Show


Comedy Central


  I Am Never Alone (with Deepak Chopra)

Supporting Lead


Michel Pascal

Last Night In NY


Joe Zohar


Rev. Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour


Avaiya Media


The Man From Everywhere

Supporting Lead

Idealist Productions


What's The Name Of The Dame


Spotted Egg Pictures



Web Series



  The Art of Blowing It Series Regular Sidekick Productions


Skeleton Crew (5 Seasons)

Series Regular

Sidekick Productions

  Demon Doctor

Recurring Guest Star

Sidekick Productions


xHamster-The Box

Guest Star




Theater (partial list)



  Alien Love Child Musical Rev. Yolanda BRIC Media Arts

Stonewall (new musical- AEA workshop production)

Drag Queen

Aron Grant Theatrical


Rev.Yolanda's Be The Love (MAC Award)

Rev. Yolanda

Bearded Lady Prod


Rev.Yolanda's Gospel Hour (MAC Award)

Rev. Yolanda

Bearded Lady Prod


Welcome To The Doll Den (off off Broadway)


Electric Eye


Spoolie Girl (new musical- AEA showcase)


Urban Stages


March Of The Falsettos (Regional Theater)


Theatre Memphis




David Friedman

Studio 150


Musical Theatre

Robert Vest



TV/Film Acting

Brette Goldstein

B. Goldstein Casting


TV/Film Acting

Canedy Knowles

Actor's Green Room


TV/Film Acting

Jen Rudolph

Actor's Green Room

Skills, Awards and About




















Singer, Rhythm Guitar, Songwriter (pop rock gospel country)

Award Winning Recording Artist (NY Blues Hall of Fame, 2 MAC Awards, GLBT Hall of Fame, Stonewall Society Award, OutMusician of The Year Award, Fresh Fruit Festival Audience Favorite)

Spiritual Person Stuff: Interfaith Minister, Tarot Card Reader, Lived in 2 spiritually oriented communes in my life- "The Jesus Manor" and "The Radical Faeries."  I'm also a channeler of energies from sources outside my body/mind- specifically- my artwork and music speak/show up as transmissions from nonphysical beings. Don't worry- my sanity is intact. 

Visual Artist (painting/drawing)

Children's Storyteller with Drag Story Hour NYC

Home Chef- inventor of unique cuisine/cookbook called "Elvishna"

Life Long Cat Whisperer

The Art of Blowing It: web-series

I Am Never Alone: movie with Depak Chopra

Skeleton Crew: web-series

Rev. Yolanda: The Movie

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