From the recording FREEDOM (Brandon Teena version)

JD DOYLE of QUEER MUSIC HERITAGE included my song FREEDOM (Brandon Teena version) in his 2013 list of LGBT Anthems. FREEDOM is available for purchase
on my cd HOUSE OF JOY.


vs 1: Teena Brandon was a boy in the body of a girl.
His parents raised him as a her-he didn't fit into that world.
He knew there had to be an answer-knew there had to be a plan,
and in the middle of the madness-he realized he was a man.

Chorus: And his soul was crying for freedom
freedom rock with me baby
vs 2: So Teena Brandon moved away and Brandon Teena took his place.
He made friends that did not know his past-all his troubles fell away.
He felt alive for the first time-a pretty woman fell for him,
and he thought he finally had the chance to live in freedom.
bridge: Freedom-ooooo-rock with me baby for freedom. Freedom- oooooooo 
you know his soul was crying for Freedom.
Freedom rock with me baby.
vs 3: I remember Brandon Teena when I go to bed at night. Cause he chose the path of Freedom,
and they took away his life. Diversity is the key to unlock the mind. Take a look inside that darkened room and leave the fear outside.
bridge/chorus/ out