Rev. Glen Morton Ganaway

Ordained Interfaith Minister
"Your Favorite Anarchist Preacher"
Certified Integral Mentor

Bio: Glen Morton Ganaway

Glen considers himself a product of the Military Industrial Complex, The Deep South and the Southern Baptist Church. Today he identifies as an Anarchist. 

Born in Anchorage, Alaska to a deeply religious family and raised in the gated communities of Navy bases, Glen was always the odd one out. Glen had few friends growing up, but learned quickly how to teach himself what he wanted to know. He double lettered in Track and Gymnastics and was very involved in the school theater and coral groups. He was the Youth Minister until coming out as homosexual. 

The 80's found Glen doing sex work and waiting tables to support an injection habit. Glen cleaned up in the 90's and joined the Radical Faeries, a Pagan Anarchistic group of Gender Queers. He moved to NYC to be with them and met the love of his life Yolanda, an East Village singer songwriter and performance artist. Together they went to seminary and were ordained Interfaith ministers In 2011 & 2012 respectively. Glen went on the acquire a Integral Mentor Certification and a BS in Healthcare Management. He lives in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn with Yolanda, a very fat cat, Gracey and tons of houseplants. 

Glen facilitates one of the longest running ACIM group in New York, meeting once a week for over twelve years. He also teaches in the Awakening Together Radio Sanctuary every Sunday. With his partner Yolanda, Glen co-founded "Church w/2 Drink Minimum- A Trans-tastic Interfaith, Interspiritual, God-Optional Celebration of Life"  founded "pre-covid" in the NYC Cabaret Clubs "Don't Tell Mama", and "SideWalk Cafe",  currently at large by request. For bookings email:

Glen's passions include Integral, Anarchism, Permaculture, and Community Development. His next project is a 4.4 Acre Homestead in Vermont. You can listen to his talks and musing on or tweet him @GlenGanaway.

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