Rev. Glen Morton Ganaway

Ordained Interfaith Minister
"Your favorite Anarchist Preacher"
Certified Integral Mentor

Awakening and A Course In Miracles

Rev. Glen Ganaway


Awakening and A Course In Miracles

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A weekly podcast that takes you through the text of A Course In Miracles, with Rev. Glen Ganaway as your guide.

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Apr 16, 2020: The Forbidden Apple interviews Rev Yolanda and, Rev. Glen Ganaway who introduces us to “A course in miracles” the book that guides their lives. They created the ministry “ the Mighty Companions” which includes a weekly meeting to discuss lessons from a course in miracles and their monthly "Church of the 2 drink minimum". Rev Yolanda opens up about becoming a music minister and coming to terms with her gender identity.  Rev. Glen shares his journey from growing up as a son of a navy chaplain to becoming a reverend himself. You cannot miss this episode where we will sing along to Rev Yolanda's anthem “I love myself”. Check out all the super-powerful songs from Rev Yolanda and Rev. Glen: Do you have some extra time?  leave us a review !!

April 2019: RainbowNotesNYC is the brainchild of Jules and Gabriel, coming straight to you from Hunter College Radio station LIVE every Thursday at 7 pm! A show for Queer people by Queer people. Last night we had your favorite Anarchist Preacher, Rev. Glen Ganaway on the show! Spoke about everything from #radicalfairies to Sex energies to create healing magick! What a treat!!! LgbtnudiststorytellingSpiritualitymagick