Our most recent Sounds of Awakening was June 2024 with The Kennedy Family Band

The Kennedy Family Band, Cameron and Ellie Kennedy, based out of Madison Wisconsin, are a rare breed of sweetness. Battling cancer and Lyme disease respectively, they are overcoming huge obstacles to demonstrate good, and put kindness into the world through their work with “A Course in Miracles International,” The International Peace Orchestra and The Kindness Academy.
Cam Kennedy is a world-traveling Australian Psychotherapist, Public Speaker, Documentarian, Author, and Musician. Ellie is also a world traveler, musical theater actress, concert pianist choir director, and musician who has a huge heart and a beautiful tone. Many have fallen in love with her voice and powerful presence. Currently, Ellie is profoundly disabled by Lyme disease, but still has her voice and indomitable spirit. Their original songs are about struggle and redemption, historical heroes and mavericks, inner dialogues seeking the light, and finding reason in a crazy world. You can find their music here: www.ckband.wordpress.com

Rev. Yolanda

Rev. Yolanda is a trans femme gender queer singer/songwriter/performance artist & interfaith minister, originally from Muscle Shoals, Alabama- The Hit Recording Capital of the World. Rev. Yolanda has been making music/theater/TV/film/performance art for well over 40 years, winning the NYC MAC Award twice and inducted into both the NY Blues Hall of Fame and The GLBT Hall of Fame.

Rev. Yolanda is so very happy to be a part of and be of service to the Awakening-Together Community on The Member Board of Directors, as well as with her weekly program The Mighty Companions-The Voice that Likes You.

Favorites from The SOA Archives:

Today's guest is Sister Doreen Younglove: Doreen Younglove is a vocalist, songwriter, recording artist and performer. As RAD’s Resident Guest Listener and vocal/ performance coach, she provides feedback and support to RAD artists in the studio and/or in group listening sessions. Doreen holds a BA in Theatre Arts & Dance from California State University, Los Angeles and has recorded lead and backing vocals with many artists in LA and NYC, with most of her success happening in her spiritually themed House/Dance music. In 2001 Doreen’s underground dance hit “When You’re in Love” was placed on DJ Danny Krivit’s album, Music is My Sanctuary. The track has been re-mixed and/or re-released at least 3 times since it first dropped and was a favorite of the DJs at the Body & Soul party held at Club Vinyl. At the Ahiah Center for Spiritual Living, Pasadena, she served as a soloist, congregational singer and as the Music Coordinator. Currently, Doreen is the Assistant Music Coordinator for Bearded Lady Productions where she performs with Rev. Yolanda at Church with a 2 Drink Minimum and other spiritual gatherings, as well as the Rev’s new musical “The Church of the Alien Love Child Presents; The Passion of Rev. Yolanda.” Doreen is very passionate about using the performing arts as an instrument for spiritual transformation and healing, offering spirituality based vocal and performance coaching for those who desire to connect more deeply with their artistic souls and vision.