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"YolandaNanda is very fresh and soothing...it will definitely lift your spirits and relax your mind"-Rock At Night Magazine, review by Shuvam DasGupta.

YolandaNanda is a collection of songs based on my love for mantra with English translations and stories from my life wrapped around the mantras in a diverse musical style that I call "AMBIENT KUNDALINI DANCE ROCK". The mantras/stories I have chosen are ones that empower me and keep me grounded during this time of growth, expansion, and human consciousness shift. YolandaNanda is available for purchase through this website and: iTunes/Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/yolandananda/1528059779, as well as all major digital distributors such as Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Rev.+Yolanda+Yolandananda&i=digital-music&ref=nb_sb_noss BandCamp: https://revyolanda.bandcamp.com/album/yolandananda,

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0jtLnK5M5Rg4dQD23vMCHJ

Physical cds are available now at KUNAKI: http://kunaki.com/mSales.asp?PublisherId=136674

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Rev. Yolanda

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Doo Wop Musical Theater Inspirational Blues Pop Gospel with a Trans-tastic twist from Blues Hall of Fame and GLBT Hall of Fame Award Winner. Rooted in American Southern Blues, Doo Wop, Country and Southern Gospel.

Rev. Yolanda is a singer/songwriter/trans-femme genderqueer performance artist and interfaith minister, originally from Muscle Shoals Alabama- The Hit Recording Capital Of The World. Rev. Yolanda's body of musical work has been honored with induction into the The GLBT Hall Of Fame, the Blues Hall of Fame, and two MAC Awards. Rev. Yolanda is currently working on a full length, autobiographical musical theater piece entitled "The Church Of The Alien Love Child Presents: The Passion of Rev. Yolanda". This new EP is a pre-release of music being crafted for "The Passion of Rev. Yolanda" Rev. Yolanda's work can be found on CD Baby under the names: "Yolanda", "Rev. Yolanda", "Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes", and include the albums “REV. YOLANDA'S COUNTRY GOSPEL KIRTAN VOL 1,” and “VOL. 2” (considered for Grammy nomination) as well as “HOUSE OF JOY” and, "LIVE AT CBGB's" and “WELCOME TO YOLANDAWORLD.”

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Amazon: HERE, iTunes HERE, CD Baby  HERE

Transcendence- Official Video:

Reviews are in for TRANSCENDENCE:

"A Music Evolution of Transcendence

Rev. Yolanda is definitely an artist who enjoys mixing styles, and "Transcendence" is another example of her musical diversity. The EP description reads, "American Southern Blues, Doo Wop, Country and Southern Gospel" - and Rev. Yolanda does a fantastic job of authentically arranging and performing the Doo Wop/50's style. I felt like I was listening to the "Hairspray" soundtrack. The production, by Philip Carroll, has a "live" feel to it even though it's a studio production, which only adds to the fun experience of hearing Rev. Yolanda perform these songs. Be prepared to be completely transcended - possibly even a little "non-binary, feminine, and hairy!"- Gay Christian Singer Songwriter
Shawn Thomas http://www.shawnthomasonline.com/

"Amazing! Another amazing and inspirational cd from Rev Yolanda. These 3 tracks present an exciting new sound that will hook you from the first notes. I highly recommend this cd as well as all of the others from this talent with a truly loving heart." -Jeff G.

"I just want to say that I am loving your Transcendence EP. I love the 50s retro feel of the title track. I am such awe of your songwriting. Keep up the great work."- Gary Hill

"Just purchased your new EP. Listened to the title track so far and it's wonderful. Congratulations on releasing your latest creative achievement!

Transcendence means looking beyond body parts
Forgetting color and language but opening hearts
Being authentic and living your life as you should
Have a tall, cool glass of IdentiTea™ 'cause it's all good!"- Adiv Abramson

"I love your ability to TRANSCEND genre boundaries with your beautiful music, Yolanda! You make such sweet melodies with such a wealth of powerful influence. I love all the genres you incorporate, it's so cool to have them all rolled into 1. XOXO ♥️ Danita "


REV. YOLANDA's Country Gospel Kirtan vol. 2: 





Country Gospel Kirtan vol. 2, review by Pamela DeGroff

from Dec. 19, 2016 edition of Transgender Forum:

 "The outstanding tracks are Somebody Save Me (full band sound, laid back yet somewhat bluesy), and Let Go Of Grievances(country funk, but with a diversity of instrumentation, and overall the best production moment on the entire project.)
Musically, Country Gospel Kirtan Vol. 2 Step Back is one of the biggest steps Rev. Yolanda has ever taken. While the Interfaith theology might not be to everyone’s personal taste or beliefs, Yolanda’s dynamic as a musician and as a deeply spiritual person are not in conflict, nor are they diminished in any way. Both attributes of who Rev. Yolanda is as a person compliment each other greatly. "
Full review here: http://yolanda.net/country_gospel_kirtan_vol._2
From a fan, regarding Country Gospel Kirtan vol. 2: "I have been loving your new CD...and here now at my Mom's in snowy Ottawa--gorgeous snowy wonderland--my Mom and I are listening to your new CD on Spotify...Hare Om Tat Sat..love and blessings and gratitude.... blessed Yule, dear one: God has Condemned Me Not, No More do I. " - H.E.



Rev. Yolanda's Country Gospel Kirtan, vol 1



Comment from fan after buying the cd Rev. Yolanda's Country Gospel Kirtan, vol 1:
"Dear Reverend Yolanda. I am the security guard who bought your CD. I am really enjoying your music although I am an atheist. I just love your song, "Love & Light.  I listen to it several times a day.
All the best. Cheers. jms"

"Yolanda is The Most Original Artist from the GLBT Community in the last 10 years

-Larry Flick/SIRIUS radio

"Not since the days of the Singing Nun has the Gospel music genre seen the likes of Rev. Yolanda"

-Len Rogers/Stonewall Society

COUNTRY GOSPEL KIRTAN produced by Freddy Freeman and featuring "HOME" -the #1 song of 2013 on 

The International LGBT Music Charts

"All 12 songs on this CD are "A" material...there is not a weak cut on this whole album. Absolute highlights are: "We Are Angels"; "I Can See Peace"; "Home" and of course the incredible "Love Divine"- Bill Turner, former guitarist for Bill Haley and The Comets

"LOVE IT!!! Your voice sounds the best I've ever heard...So smooth and effortless and full of color. The whole sound of the CD is so so tasty and musical. I love that there are so many strings that add different textures: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, sitar, banjo, violin. All of it works. Your producer and you collaborated on a work of art that reflects your new direction in such a hip, satisfying and spiritual way" -Rosemary Loar, MAC's Hansen Award Winner


In honor of Rev. Yolanda's most popular song,  We Are Angels,   being voted into the Top Ten Songs of 2015 by   Rev. Yolanda proudly releases 5 classic versions of  We Are Angels 

Angels Only

CD Baby Click HERE

Sheet Music  available  click here:


Rev. Yolanda's Interfaith Holiday Single:

Miracles Are Seen In The Light



 LIVE CD Soundtrack from Rev. Yolanda The Movie 

Watch HERE



-dance remix single

produced by Freddy Freeman







Award winning cd:  


House of Joy


32 months on the GLBT Music Charts

 with two #1 songs


"I Wanna Know" and "Muscle Shoals"

and the PRIDE IN THE ARTS winner "Freedom"



HOUSE OF JOY received accolades from Pride In The Arts and OutVoice

Pride In The Arts Best Producer: Robert Urban

Pride In The Arts Best Camp Pride Song: FREEDOM

OutVoice #1 CD for Jan 2011: House of Joy

OutVoice #1 song on The Top Ten Song charts and #3 Song of 2010: I Wanna Know

OutVoice #1 song on The Top Ten Song Charts and #6 Song of 2012 : Muscle Shoals



"UP" Unashamed Praise

The special first edition collection of LGBTQ Christian
singers and songwriters all on one
amazing CD celebrating their faith





Yolanda and the Plastic Family

Welcome to YolandaWorld

Special Edition


This is the SPECIAL EDITION of the first album from Rev.Yolanda (before she was a Reverend) when she was performing with her original jazz fusion band: Yolanda and the Plastic Family


This album was originally recorded in Burlington VT in the late "90's, while she was living there. In 2001, Yolanda moved back to NYC and re-formed The Plastic Family with new members and recorded a short EP. In 2002, producer Freddy Freeman created a dance mix of the song "Alien Love Child". In 2009, Producer Robert Urban created a jazz fusion dance mix of a Plastic Family tune "Intimacy".

In this SPECIAL EDITION, all of the originals, and dance mixes are included.

Original Plastic family members: Adam Wood-keyboards, Eric Rorbach- drums, Jon Akland- bass,

Tom Henglesberg- guitar    Martha Seyler- backing vocals

NYC Plastic Family members: Robert Urban- guitar, Jess Jurkovik- piano, Dave Berger- drums, Robin Burdulis- percussion, Dan Freeman- bass

dance remixes by Freddy Freeman and Robert Urban


Yolanda and The Plastic Family LIVE at CBGB's



This live cd at CBGB's is gritty and RAW Rock&Roll just like Rev. Yolanda was in the early days of her recording career. Using Rock&Roll to speak to gender politics... Yolanda was then and still is a force of nature!
Yolanda: vocals
Robert Urban: guitar/vocals
Toshio Mana: bass
Anthony Mauella: drums/vocals



Yolanda's (Outmusic's "Outmusician of the Year" 2003) solo is "Lay All Your Love on Me". The stripped-down, raw feel of the track-- featuring only Yolanda's hard-hitting, strong, Southern-twanged voice with guitar by her friend Robert Urban-- packs a wallop: Yolanda unleashes no less than 20 different emotions with that song

New York City’s top drag performers gather to sing their favorite ABBA songs in a way that you have never heard them before in ABBAlicious! From the Go-Go version of "Waterloo" to the country western take on "Dancing Queen" or the R&B inspired "Knowing Me Knowing You", each ABBA tune that we grew up with is performed with a new energy and vitality that is unparalleled. FIGJAM RECORDS is proud to present: Betzy, Cashetta, the Chixie Dix, Connie Cat, Edie, Hedda Lettuce, Joie Starr, June Bug, Sade Pendarvis and Yolanda reinterpreting the ABBA classics for our times in a wide variety of musical styles.



with Yolanda's song  "YOU and I" 






Video for "YOU and I" by Harry Thorpe 


You and I (Marry Me)- lyrics and music by Rev. Yolanda

vs 1: And when the days are long, my arms are for you.

And when you're feeling strong, your touch is for me.

And in those precious times when we make love,

You are always the man I'm, dreaming of.

Chorus: Marry Me

vs. 2: Nothing can change the way we feel

And as time goes on it will reveal

All the secrets of the Universe.

All in that special kiss between the two of us.

Chorus: Marry Me

vs.3: You and I will take a stand against the rising tide of hate.

No longer is our love the kind that dares not speak its name.

We will reveal our love and give the world the truth-

LOVE is the Way The Light The Truth.

Chorus: Marry Me



Yolanda and the Plastic Family

Welcome To YolandaWorld



This is the first album from Yolanda when s/he was performing with hir original jazz fusion band:

"Yolanda and The Plastic Family"

This album was originally recorded in Burlington VT in the late "90's, while s/he was living there.

Original Plastic family members:  Adam Wood-keyboards,  Eric Rorbach- drums,  Jon Akland- bass,

Tom Henglesberg- guitar,  Martha Seyler- backing vocals



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