From the recording Transcendence

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Reviews from Fans:
"I just want to say that I am loving your Transcendence EP. I love the 50s retro feel of the title track. I am such awe of your songwriting. Keep up the great work."- Gary Hill
"Just purchased your new EP. Listened to the title track so far and it's wonderful. Congratulations on releasing your latest creative achievement!
Transcendence means looking beyond body parts Forgetting color and language but opening hearts Being authentic and living your life as you should Have a tall, cool glass of IdentiTea™ 'cause it's all good!"- Adiv Abramson

"A Music Evolution of Transcendence
Rev. Yolanda is definitely an artist who enjoys mixing styles, and "Transcendence" is another example of her musical diversity. The EP description reads, "American Southern Blues, Doo Wop, Country and Southern Gospel" - and Rev. Yolanda does a fantastic job of authentically arranging and performing the Doo Wop/50's style. I felt like I was listening to the "Hairspray" soundtrack. The production, by Philip Carroll, has a "live" feel to it even though it's a studio production, which only adds to the fun experience of hearing Rev. Yolanda perform these songs. Be prepared to be completely transcended - possibly even a little "non-binary, feminine, and hairy!"- Gay Christian Singer Songwriter Shawn Thomas

Another amazing and inspirational cd from Rev Yolanda. These 3 tracks present an exciting new sound that will hook you from the first notes. I highly recommend this cd as well as all of the others from this talent with a truly loving heart." -Jeff G.


Shining In The Sun
lyrics and music by Rev. Yolanda

vs1: No one knows me better thank I know myself.
Wakin up in the mornin with a smile on my face.
No more worryin bout tomorrow.
It will take care of itself.
I ain't got time to wallow in no sorrow-
For me or you or nobody else.....

Chorus: 'cause I'm shinin in the sun- makin room for everyone.

Vs 2: No one could feel any better than the way I feel this mornin.
Give me an inch-I'll take a mile.
Gve me your heart and I'll make you smile.

Chorus: 'cause I'm Shinin the Sun – makin room for everyone
'cause I'm Shnin In the Sun makin room for everyone.

Bridge: There have been ragin storms in my life.
And everything I worked for got burned up in that fire.
I didn't think I could start all over again.
But I did it with the help of my lovin friends.....

Chorus: and now I'm Shinin In The Sun making room for everyone.
I'm Shinin In The Sun making room for everyone

Gospel uptempo break: I'm Shinin-yes I'm Shinin-yes I'm shinin-in the Sun.
In The Sun.
In The Sun.