Mighty Companions Ministries

Mighty Companions Ministries is Rev. Glen Morton Ganaway and Rev. Yolanda's

NYC based Interfaith Ministry organization. We are interfaith, inter-spiritual, multicultural

and welcoming of any gender, race, sexual orientation, or faith path-including no faith path.

Our main outreach is our weekly A Course In Miracles study group called

The Fellowship: Basics For A Liberated Mind

We meet every Wednesday during the 'Stay At Home Period" at OUR VIRTUAL  FELLOWSHIP!!!

We will also have our "pre-show' at 6pm online in the online meeting room. Glen and I will be online at 6 if you want to drop in and socialize. We'll start the class at 7pm.

I hope you will join us in our adventure!

This is a Love offering based event. If you are so inclined to support our ministry, please consider joining our Patreon here: www.Patreon.com/revyolanda.

We welcome you to join us to meet and support each other on our journey.


The Mighty Companions, Rev. Glen Ganaway and Rev. Yolanda offer a once a week online gathering formerly known as Awakening and A Course In Miracles and now called Church With A 2 Drink Minimum- a "Trans-tastic Interfaith Interspiritual God Optional Musical Spiritual Happening"  www.yolanda.net/church

Church With A 2 Drink Minimum online intimate version every Sunday at 5pm from our living room with Rev.Glen with a message from A Course In Miracles and Rev. Yolanda with music. We are hosted by Awakening Together Sanctuary and have been broadcasting with them every Sunday since 2015. Grab your snacks and join us every Sunday at 5pm for Church With A 2 Drink Minimum: www.yolanda.net/church

Awakening Together Sanctuary CLICK HERE


Rev. Glen and Rev. Yolanda also host a weekly live podcast called Awakening and A Course In Miracles, every Sunday at 5pm. We are hosted by www.Awakening-Together.org   We are now using this time slot to host the online version of Church With A 2 Drink Minimum-see above!

Tune in every Sunday at 5pm EST by clicking here or on the image below:


Rev. Glen and Rev. Yolanda are legal Interfaith Ministers who both graduated from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC. We are both fully licensed to perform weddings, funerals and baby blessings in your home or church or any setting you choose. Fees are flexible according to each circumstance.

Rev. Glen and Rev. Yolanda travel to many churches of all denominations to do Sunday morning services as guest speaker/music minister. We have references from a variety of Pastors from many different churches across the USA. We also enjoy speaking and sharing music at LGBTQAI PRIDE Festivals, Community Centers, Libraries, Senior Centers and House Concerts.

Rev. Yolanda is an acclaimed award winning singer songwriter, Blues Hall of Fame, GLBT Hall of Fame, and MAC award recipient   -see her presskit: www.yolanda.net/presskit.

Rev. Glen is a regular speaker for several Unity and Unitarian Churches as well as a workshop leader for the annual progressive speakers event in NYC,The Left Forum.

Glen is also a Radical Faerie, Certified Integral Mentor (one of 3 in the world) and a Naraya Dancer.

Glen has embraced A Course In Miracles as a teacher and workshop leader, using the principles of ACIM to facilitate others in finding their personal power. Glen is certified as an Integral Mentor, is ordained as an Interfaith minister from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, and also certified in Cindy Wigglesworth's SQ21 method of wisdom assessment.

Both Rev. Glen and Rev. Yolanda have spiritual counseling practices as well, and can be reached via email for confidential questions and to arrange personal counseling sessions. Email Rev. Glen: gmganaway@gmail.com www.GlenGanaway.com

Email Rev. Yolanda: yolanda@yolanda.net www.yolanda.net


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