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2021 UPDATE!! We have been awarded a performance grant for "The Passion" for a series of concert versions, or a video production of the show. With the virus outbreak in progress, we do not know the status of these proposals.

Stay tuned to this page for updates.


The Church of The Alien Love Child presents its annual passion play about its founder,"The Passion of Rev.Yolanda." Discover the five names, five lives, five deaths, and five resurrections of Rev. Yolanda, a trans-femme genderqueer interfaith music minister from Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Inspired by Passing Strange, Fun Home, and The Rocky Horror Show, Yolanda, backed by her band and the Alien Love Choir, guides the audience through an immersive, musical church service and play about her journey toward her true self. Bluegrass, gospel, rock, folk and Yolanda’s unique country-kirtan sound take us through Yolanda's odyssey & deliver us to a trans-scendant gender land.

PICS below by Toby Tenenbaum from our Artist In Residence production at

BRIC Theater Labs:

























































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