Heaven Is in Me

Rev. Yolanda & Rev. Chanda

Melodic, Passionate, Spirit-filled vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar, bass, organ, medium rock beat and a heavenly choir. A satisfying blend of Traditional, Contemporary, and New Thought Gospel music.

Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes, http://www.yolanda.net
singer/songwriter/drag performer and Interfaith Minister who's work as an Artist and Sacred Activist has earned him a place in The GLBT Hall Of Fame. He has been called: " The Alien Love Child of Louise Hay and John Waters, with a splash of Dolly Parton ! " Rev. Yolanda is an eccentric, and ecstatic performer with a southern rock, country gospel style. He brings his message of Non Duality into every event by merging GLBT and Mainstream Popular Culture with Integrated Spirituality. With a soulful voice, a message of oneness, great costumes, and a wicked sense of humor, his shows and CDs emphasize love, beautiful melodies, interesting stories, and a bit of inspiration.

Rev. Chanda, http://www.revchanda.com “Chanda Rule's singing is an experience of absolute, sheer joy. Her soulfulness comes through each note, each movement, each song. The congregation is often moved to tears or to stand and dance in the aisles in celebration of the Divine. Chanda's music is food for the body and the Soul, the heart and the mind, young and old; you cannot help but be moved...deeply!” Rev August Gold, Co-Founder of Sacred Center New York About Rev. Chanda: “You made an evening of music about spirituality and not religion which can separate people. Your wordsand the music were available for everyone no matter what their beliefs were about the Creator. They made the room feel very much a safe space. You brought us together…” Doug Motel, audience member

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