Blues Hall of Fame award winner

 2 time MAC Award winner

GLBT Hall of Fame award winner

Rev.Yolanda is a singer/songwriter/trans-femme performance artist, and Interfaith Minister who's work as an Artist and Sacred Activist has been honored as a Blues Hall of Fame award winner, 2 time MAC Award winner, and as a member of The GLBT Hall Of Fame.

 " Dolly Parton plus Louise Hay, with a heapin helpin of Mrs. Doubtfire ! "

Rev.Yolanda's live music ministry is called:

"Rev. Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour" 

She describes her music ministry as "A Gender Bending Gospel Celebration for The New Thought Generation".  Taking traditional Gospel sounding melodies, and mixing them with world instrumentation, Rev. Yolanda is creating new gospel songs with lyrics that affirm the God/Goddess within, and embraces the diversity of humankind.

Rev. Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour is also a full feature documentary by Ike Allen of AVAIYA MEDIA -  trailer and more info:

or view the movie on AMAZON:




Official bio:

Rev.Yolanda – Rev.Yolanda aka Roger Anthony Mapes is a 2015 inductee into The Blues Hall of Fame and 2015/ 2014 recipient of The MAC Award (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) for Best Drag Artist, as well as a member of the GLBT Hall of Fame.

An accomplished, award-winning singer/songwriter, performance artist, and Interfaith Minister, Rev. Yolanda was born Roger Anthony Mapes in Muscle Shoals, Alabama –The Hit Recording Capital of The World.  S/He joined hir first band, Stained Glass Bluegrass, when s/he was only 17 years old.   At age 28 s/he moved to New York City and began exploring theater and performance art.  During this exploration s/he spent some time living in the Radical Faerie Community in Vermont.  It was during this time that Yolanda was born (1993)!  Yolanda developed a loyal following in Vermont with hir original musical blend of rock, pop, country and jazz with hir band Yolanda & The Plastic Family . They rocked the downtown scene in NYC celebrating the release of hir first CD Yolanda & The Plastic Family.  In 2003 Yolanda was awarded OutMusician of the Year , and recorded a critically acclaimed solo cover of the ABBA tune “Lay All Your Love on Me” on the Abbalicious CD (FigJam Records). 

Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes was inducted into the GLBT Hall of Fame for Activism, Art Excellence and Community Awareness in 2005.  It was around this time that Yolanda began a spiritual journey which led hir to One Spirit Interfaith Seminary where s/he became Rev.Yolanda, an ordained Interfaith Minister in June of 2011.  That same year the song “I Wanna Know” from her cd House of Joy made it to #1 on the OutVoice Music Charts and “Love Divine” was included on a special first edition collection of GLBT Christian singer/songwriters.  

Rev. Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour -the live, autobiographical Gospel Music show was realized in January of 2012 and the release of yet another album, Country Gospel Kirtan followed shortly thereafter. “Home” from that album was voted the #1 song of 2013 on the OutVoice Music Charts. 

Rev. Yolanda has also been seen on “Family Stories” for the Discovery Channel playing Vivian Wheeler (the current Guinness Book of World Record-holder for bearded lady), and a feature film "Rev. Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour-The Movie" about hir life by director Ike Allen is now available for online streaming at AMAZON.  Visit for more information on the movie.


More Info:

 Rev.Yolanda is an eccentric, and ecstatic performer with a southern rock, country gospel style. S/He brings hir message of Non Duality into every event by merging GLBT and Mainstream Popular Culture with Integrated Spirituality. With a soulful voice, a message of oneness, great costumes, and a wicked sense of humor, hir shows and CDs emphasize love, beautiful melodies, interesting stories, and a bit of inspiration.

Rev. Yolanda was born and raised as Roger Anthony Mapes in

Muscle Shoals, Alabama, The Hit Recording Capital of the World

and the birthplaces of

Helen Keller and W.C. Handy.

The Muscle Shoals area is populated by an abundance of musicians and visual artists/painters. Yolanda began studying music, painting and drawing at a young age with local artists and was encouraged to develop hir own unique vision, which combines GLBT culture, drag performance, personal spirituality, and a love for Old Time Gospel Music. Yolanda is influenced by pop, rock, blues,gospel, country, and folk, but doesn’t self-consciously follow any one tradition…combining them all into a hybrid of hir own.


Yolanda is also a fine artist, who paints abstract expressionist paintings.  Hir paintings on canvas and clothing are in private collections all over the world.

You can visit Yolanda's art gallery here 


Rev. Yolanda's


received accolades from

Pride In The Arts and OutVoice

OutVoice #1 song of 2013 HOME from COUNTRY GOSPEL KIRTAN