Welcome to Yolandaworld

Yolanda & the Plastic Family

The original cd from Yolanda & The Plastic Family. Jazz Funk Rock Pop Folk Fusion. This is the cd that made Vermont music history and put Yolanda, Bernie Sanders, Howard Dean, and Ben and Jerry in the same movers and shakers entrepreneurial category.

This is the first album from Yolanda when s/he was performing with hir original jazz fusion band "Yolanda and The Plastic Family". This album was originally recorded in Burlington VT in the late "90's, while s/he was living there. Original Plastic family members: Adam Wood-keyboards, Eric Rorbach- drums, Jon Akland- bass, Tom Henglesberg- guitar, Martha Seyler- backing vocals From first listen you know this is going to be an experience. You soon realize one you will not forget. Yolanda and The Plastic Family received several awards for the cd "Welcome To YolandaWorld": StoneWall Society Pride In The Arts Awards 2002 Pride In The Arts Award Transgendered Favorite Musician - "Welcome to Yolandaworld" 2002 Pride In The Arts Award Camp Pride Song - for "Eat Me" 2003 Pride In The Arts Award Transgendered Favorite Musician Yolanda on received the 2003 Outmusic OutMusician Of The Year Award for more on Yolanda ...now Rev. Yolanda visit: www.yolanda.net

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