Mighty Companions Ministries

The Fellowship of Awakening- with Rev.Yolanda and Rev. Glen

Hi Everyone!

We are ready to TRANSFORM!

We are NOW leading our Mid-Week fellowship meeting with music, prayer and teachings from A Course In Miracles every Wed. night 7-9pm, at Yeoryia Studios, 2067 Broadway, 5th Floor CARMEN ROOM, Manhattan, New York 10023. (212) 362-6415 • 

We also have a FaceBook study group for the Workbook lessons where you can join us in the daily lesson and make your comments and questions. Go to MIGHTY COMPANIONS MINISTRIES

LIVE in FREEDOM with us as we practice together the 365 lessons of the ACIM workbook. Our meetings are now IN SESSION every Wednesday night.

The first 50 lesson are really rockin! So we’ll start off the year with these core teachings and move into some deeper understandings that help us recognize the ego’s thought system and the Holy Spirit’s Voice with us all.

Rev. Glen Ganaway, and Rev. Yolanda teach an ongoing class in A Course In Miracles in NYC every  Wed. night in NYC. Our main study book will be the "A Course In Miracles Workbook". You can buy the book online with the entire text (which we will also be using) at Or download a free PDF here.

Love offerings will be accepted for the classes.

For enrollment instructions and more details, please email .

We lead the series at: 

Yeoryia Studios. 2067 Broadway, 5th Floor, CARMEN ROOM,

Manhattan, New York 10023. (212) 362-6415 •