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Rev. Glen's MIRACLES chapter 2

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ACIM Chapter 2

Greetings Miracle Workers,
It’s Thursday and I have a review and recap for you.

Allow me to first of all expres my gratitude to you. I’m revisiting the text as I have never done before. Thank you!

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Chapter 2
The Separation & Atonement

I The Origins of Separation

“You have not only been fully created, you have also been created perfect”
God’s primary aspect is creative. (Very Feminine, don’t you think?) Unhealthy creation is called projection.

The 4 Beliefs of Projection
1. The Belief our thinking can change God and God’s creations.
2. The Belief that what is perfect and whole can ever be make imperfect and lacking.
3. The Belief that what God created can be distorted including people.
4. Belief that we create ourselves and we have a  separate will other than God’s.

God created life, not lives; continually creative and expanding.There are no levels of life. We’re living or not, right? So is everything else.

“You do not have to believe what is not true unless you choose to do so.” -so simple, and so powerful. It’s a statement of the power of our choices.

The story of the Fall from the Garden is about the falling asleep. I loved learning this. Knowledge can put us to sleep too. It’s fascinating. What do we put our knowledge in the service of? More on this later.

“Your free will was given you for your joy in creating the perfect.” So, do we understand what’s under this statement? What supports it? No Free Will = No Joy

“All fear is ultimately reducible to the basic miss-perception that you have the ability to usurp the power of God.” (it’s an indication that you’re wrong….)

Atonement is the realization that my personal projections and miss-projections never happened. Waking to our natural state, not sleeping through experience.

“In reality, you are perfectly unaffected by all expressions of lack of love.” Yeah! Now, this is true on a core level. If you are in your right mind an expression of lack of love will feel like a request for connection. More on this as we explore ACIM.

“Peace is an attribute IN you.” So therefore you have immediate access to this state of mind in every situation.

Peace is the self acceptance that allows for miracles to come and enable us to correct the lack of love expressing from others. Peace and self acceptance go together, this is foundational. Are we teaching this peace and self acceptance to others? Do we believe this?

II The Atonement as Defense

“You can do anything I ask.” Do we believe in the peace that makes this listening and doing possible? Too often we believe in the spirit of of doubt and fear. Fear is the power to hurt given to another person, place, idea, etc.

“Remember that where your heart is there is your treasure also.” What is in our hearts? Things? NO! We have relationships there. Relationships are our treasure. This is also a foundational aspect of peace and the happiness we all seek.  Fear is valuing incorrectly. Peace sees fear as an error and shines light on it and automatically corrects the error. Denial isn’t always fear based. Deny what is false,the Author says. Error and fear are not true. Will never be true ((Remember the 4 Beliefs of Projection?)

What goals do we have for our lives? What we treasure we defend. Do we defend our mistakes? Most do- Project fault on as many others as possible. If the experience of a healthy relationship (connection/oneness) is our goal…the means to accomplish these goals become available, can be seen.

The idea of Atonement cannot be used destructively But it can be refused.  Atonement is an Act of Love. God created Life-then inhabited it fully! That is why it can heal.

Atonement is perfect learning. Learning is for things that change. Part of us is learning, part of us knows. Which to we identify with mostly? Part of learning is understanding differences. Part of us is the same as eery other Being. Do we identify with the differences or the sameness?

“Atonement is the device by which you can free yourself from the past as you go ahead. It condones your past errors, thus making it unnecessary for you to keep tracing your steps without and advancing to your return.” This might be the most succinct physiological basis for ACIM I’ve come across.

The Atonement principle is the best defence mechanism because it can actually protect you and others. Do you know yourself as my family? What excellent decision to to protect the world and our lives if we act on this Principle of Atonement.

III The Altar of God

“The Atonement can only be accepted within you by releasing the inner light.” That means we’re usually trying to chain up tour inner light. Keep it managed, docile, and drugged. We do this because we associate this principle with the body.

2 Step Correction
1. Body is a temple because it contains the altar.
2. Neither the altar nor the temple, in reality, can e seen with the body’s eyes.

Releasing your inner light is the way to expressing the act of the Atonement and denying the fear inherent in separation. We are in  relationship, this treasure that is the Atonement. It is at the center of our Altar of Light.

“An imprisoned will engenders a situation which in the extreme becomes altogether intolerable. Tolerance for pain may be high but it not without limit. Eventually everyone begins to recognize, however dimly, that there must be a better way.” Great description of reaching the bottom, or our own limits of understanding.

The result is lessening the trust in our eyes and trusting the inner vision of spiritual sight. This is the goal of ACIM.

Choose real comfort=the Peace of God, an interior Peace. There is no true comfort in form.

God and His Creations are completely dependent on each other. Our world is a means of healing the separation. This is a way of reinstating the notion of TIKUN.

IV Healing as a Release from Fear

“The miracles is the means, the Atonement is the principle, the healing is the result.”  Excellent formula!
“All healing is a release from fear.” Good to keep in mind.
“All mistakes must be corrected at the level on which they occur.”  This reminds me of an Einstein quote “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” Sounds like a contradiction right? But what Einstein is giving a voice to is that we make errors all the time when we don’t understand the rules that govern different levels of existence. When we rise a ‘level’ it’s because we understand the rules and now can fix the errors on the ‘lower level’. The error is still fixed on the level it was created, however.

“Only the mind is capable of error. The body can act wrongly only when it is responding to miss-thoughts.” Magic is the belief in the creative ability in matter.

Magic has 2 forms
1. Belief the mind can miscreate in the body
2. Body can miscreate in the mind.

The body responds perfectly to our thoughts. It does not judge, compare or create. Nor does it tell us what to do or think.

Miracles heal because they reduce fear. It works because of the Atonement Principle. Increasing fear will never heal.

V The Function of the Miracle Worker

Do we fear letting go?
Do we believe that letting go limits us?

We think we’ll be hurt physically and emotionally if we release our light. We are actually ‘safer’ when we are at our most authentic selves.

“The body does not exist except as a learning device for the mind. This learning device is not subject to errors of its own, because it cannot create. It is obvious then that inducing the mind to give its miscreations is the only application of creative ability that is truly meaningful.” What a MISSION STATEMENT !!!!

Vulnerability does not equal Miracles. (Take that in!)

“The right-minded niether exalt nor depreciate the mind of the miracle worker or the miracle receiver.” the miracle doesn’t wait for the receiver to be right minded either!  Don’t worry about readiness, but trust Spirit. This is the first place the author introduces a tactic of our egos that I’m sure you’ll recognize.
We must be holy to go to church/synagogue/temple/mosque, etc
We must be fit to go to the gym.
We must be clean to take a bath.
WE must be an expert before we attempt anything for the first time.

“The sole responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself.” This responsibility has two aspects.

Two Aspects
1. Only the mind creates.
2. Only the Atonement heals.

Two Responses
1. Deny your mind’s destructive potential.
2. Affirm it’s creative powers.

This is how to heal others.
“The message that you give them is the truth. that their minds are similarly constructive and heir miscreations cannot hurt them.”

The BODY is a Learning Device
The MIND is the Learner

Restating the purpose of ACIM:
“Corrective learning always begins with the awaking of Spirit, and the turning away from the belief in physical sight.” Invidt eth Holy Spirti to see your altar, the treasure of your heart. She will show you where there is a need for correction.

Favorite Quote: ‘Discomfort is around only to bring the need for correction into awareness.”

Do we even think healing is necessary? “Healing rests on charity, and charity is a way of preserving the perfection of another even if you cannot perceive it in yourself.” It’s charity because it cannot be bought. It’s freely given and received where the dignity of all is maintained.

Eight Principles of Miracle Workers

1. Spirit arranges the time and space therefor collapsing both.
2. Understanding the difference between what is eternal and what has existence (Creation vs Made)
3. Never respond to an error as if it had reality.
4. Truth corrects perception and shows what has been made doesn’t have existence.
5. Forgiveness an understanding of the Atonement principle which heals.
6. Contains no judgement or evaluation of outcomes.
7. “In time we exist for and with each other in timelessness we coexist with GOD.”
8. Pray
I am here only to be truly helpful
I am here to represent Him who sent me.
I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He who sent me will direct me.
I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal.

VI Fear and Conflict

“My control can take over everything that does not matter where my guidance can direct everything that does if you so choose.” Great News! Sign me Up! Are we listening to our right mindedness? Are we giving all our directional control to our better/right minded selves?
 ”The truth is that you are responsible for what you think because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think.” POWERFUL!  If you live in a dangerous neighborhood you need to be alert. Awakening is the beginning to realize where we live in our heads. We are responsible for our thoughts because our thinking put us into these neighborhoods. Change your mind and you will change your world. Make choices that reflect the neighborhood you want to live in. Choose reality which does not change or the ultimate joy and peace.

“You are much too tolerant of mind wandering and are passively condoning your mind’s miscreations.” Much quoted by Course students.

We’ve come now to another thematic moment in the Course
“Before you chose to do anything ask me if your choice is in accordance with mine. If you are sure that it is there will be no fear.” This a request for prayer and reflection and relationship with your truest self. Develop a relationship with this one life that adores you.

When Wanting conflicts with what we do experience fear.
Fear arises in Two Ways
1. When you don’t do what you want to do (part of you is outraged)
2. Consistently complying with the wishes of others may acquire rewards but also promotes rage. (coercion)

Fear happens when we haven’t made up our minds. Split minds produce erratic behavior.

“There is no strain in doing God’s Will. As soon as you recognize that it is also your own.” This is a good touchstone for our moments of stress. Accept the Atonement and your Unified Will.

Four Steps to Atonement
1. Know first that this is fear.
2. Fear arises from lack of love.
3. The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love.
4. Perfect love is the Atonement.

How to Spare Yourself Fear in Two Easy Steps
1. the mind is very powerful and never looses it’s creative force.
2 the mind never sleeps. Every instant it is creating
—put another way—
1. There are no idle thoughts
2. All thinking produces form at some level

Conclusion: Respect Yourself (and Others!!!)

VII Cause and Effect
“The Miracle Worker must have genuine respect for true cause and effect and as a necessary condition for the miracle to occur. Both miracles and fear coem from thoughts.” Good reminder that we’re creating illusion or reality, right? We can choose to align with love or fear..

Attempting to understand and master fear is useless. The solution to our problems is in the mastery of love.

“Fear is really nothing and love everything.” Stated in every wisdom path ever known. It paraphrases the opening lines “Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing Unreal exists, therein lies the Peace of God.”

The fear is withdrawal of our connection and love the experience of this connection. The miracle worker understand that and supports the connection and relationships that foster oneness and healing.

Paraphrasing John 3:16 (Corrected Version)
“Fro God so loved the world that he give it to his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.” The answer to eternal life experienced is in a body is acceptance of the Atonement. Our place in the Sonship as the Child of God. The Author tells us we might be ready to lean more but to not be over confident. We are at the very beginning of confidence in trusting the Holy Spirit.

VIII The Meaning of the Last Judgement

What we make we think is real (has permanence). This stems from our belief that we created ourselves. The Last Judgement corrects this.

Judgement is not an attribute of GOD. Reminder: Separation and Judgement occurred millions of years ago.

“It is essential, however, that you free yourself from fear quickly, because you must emerge from the conflict if you are to bring peace to other minds.” ANOTHER MISSION STATEMENT!! Punishment is opposed to right mindedness

Three Steps to Freedom
1. Sorting out False from True
2. Choose to preserve only what is good.
3. Creations without belief cannot exist.

“No one who live sin fear is really alive.” Who doesn’t intuitively know this?

These steps to freedom are your part in the Atonement.

Keep the love and let go of the fear.

Lessons 8-14

8. My mind is preoccupied with past thoughts
9. I see nothing as it is now.
10. My thoughts do not mean anything
11. My meaningless thoughts are showing me a meaningless world.
12. I am upset because I see a meaningless world.
13. A meaningless world engenders fear
14. God did not create a meaningless world.

We learned last week that our past learning and opinions are the problem. We dive deeper into this concept pulling our knowledge out of the world because our opinions are also the source of our fears. We’re not out on a limb though! God has the meaning we’re looking for. Reality does exist even if we don’t currently know what it is.

This has been long and I hope fruitful for you. It has been for me too.

Develop your ability to sit still and look at what comes up when you apply these lessons and concepts to your every day life.