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"Let Go Of Grievances" is the first single from the upcoming cd "Rev. Yolanda's Country Gospel Kirtan, vol. 2" to be released December 2016. We are visioning the video as a dance celebration with a diverse cast of folks that celebrate the practice of forgiveness.
"Let Go of Grievances reflects the need to practice forgiveness in today's world. Regardless of the outcome of the coming election, people will want a time of healing. The song and video will hopefully offer a way into the idea of forgiveness by celebrating each other in song and dance."
-Rev Yolanda
  • The campaign to raise funds for a new video has been born out of a need to make something that people will watch, share, and help to spread that message. A professionally made video will help us do that and bring fun to people as well as a great message. 
  • We realize that making a video is not cheap but we have secured the services of an experienced team who will work hard to make this video the best it can be, they are not charging a fortune, but we want to make sure that we pay everyone for their time. Your help will be invaluable to us, in making something that will live forever as a way to share Yolanda's message of forgiveness and Joy.