Welcome to Yolanda World (Special Edition)

by Yolanda and the Plastic Family

Released 2012
Released 2012
Drag Queen Jazz Fusion
This is the first album from Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes when he was performing with his original jazz fusion band "Yolanda and The Plastic Family". This album was originally recorded in Burlington VT in the late "90's, while he was living there. In 2001, Yolanda moved back to NYC and re-formed The Plastic Family with new members and recorded a short EP. In 2002, producer Freddy Freeman created a dance mix of the song "Alien Love Child". In 2009, Producer Robert Urban created a jazz fusion dance mix of a Plastic Family tune "Intimacy".
In this Deluxe Edition, all of the originals, and dance mixes are included.
Original Plastic family members: Adam Wood-keyboards, Eric Rorbach- drums, Jon Akland- bass, Tom Henglesberg- guitar Martha Seyler- backing vocals
NYC Plastic Family members: Robert Urban- guitar, Jess Jurkovik- piano, Dave Berger- drums, Robin Burdulis- percussion, Dan Freeman- bass
dance remixes by Freddy Freeman and Robert Urban