Live At Cbgb's

by Yolanda & The Plastic Family

Released 2015
Mighty Companions Ministries
Released 2015
Mighty Companions Ministries
gritty ol fashioned Rock and Roll at the World Famous CBGB's on the Bowery in Manhattan's Lower East Side. CBGB's was the home to major worldwide Rock & Roll acts. This live cd was recorded before gentrification happened in the area and drove CBGB's out.
Yolanda and The Plastic Family was the original band by the award winning drag queen recording artist and Interfaith Minister now known as Rev. Yolanda.
This live cd at CBGB's is gritty and RAW Rock&Roll just like Rev. Yolanda was in the early days of her recording career. Using Rock&Roll to speak to gender politics... Yolanda was then and still is a force of nature!
Yolanda: vocals
Robert Urban: guitar/vocals
Toshio Mana: bass
Anthony Mauella: drums/vocals