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2 time MAC Award Winner, & Blues Hall of Fame Honoree:

Rev. Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour!


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Rev. Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour is the concert ministry of award winning singer songwriter trans femme performance artist and Interfaith Minister, Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes

The performances feature Rev. Yolanda's original music and autobiographical storytelling along with traditional Gospel Music, Spirituals, Country Gospel songs, and Hymns. The show is a fun, lively, celebratory, experience of worship, praise and gratitude for God's blessings from the perspective of a Trans Femme Radical Faerie Performance Artist.

Rev Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour was nominated for

Best Performance in a Musical Comedy from


What fans are saying about The Gospel Hour: 

"If Tammy Faye Baker was a flaming social liberal who looked like a middle linebacker and sang in a Prairie Home Companion show at the Grand Ole Opry that was broadcast over NPR-she'd be Roger Anthony Mapes doing Rev. Yolanda's Old-Time Gospel Hour." 

Stephen Hanks-Broadway



"A charming personality. Full of light and love up there. Pure joy. The band is superb. The harmonies were sharp and right on target."


DAVID FRIEDMAN (film and theatre composer, songwriter, author, lyricist and conductor based in New York City. He received a 1997 Backstage Bistro Award for Composer of the Year and a 1997 Johnny Mercer Award for Songwriter of the Year, and a Special Lifetime Achievement Award at the 26th Annual MAC Awards. His Oratorio, King Island Christmas, won a Frederick Loewe Award and Dramatists Guild Award. Here is what David says about The Gospel Hour:

"LOVED your show! You are well on your way to creating a character the likes of which Bette Midler, Divine, Dolly Parton, Phyllis Diller, created. Someone who is iconic, funny, loveable, and has a story to tell that is larger than life and yet touches everyone. If this woman/man could make it to self-acceptance and gratitude, so can we, WHATEVER is going on in our lives and WHOEVER we are. This loveable and talented character whom you have created is YOU. The more you step into it, the more you understand the IMPORTANCE and POWER of who this woman/man is and what his/her story has to offer us, the bigger this show will get.

Oh yeah, and you sing great too! Congratulations. You have a hit on your hands. The wig alone is worth the price of admission." - David Friedman

"I think Rev. Yolanda could charm even the Republican Convention! You cannot help yourself. You love this lady and you love her message and your face hurts from smiling. She also has an incredible voice. Does this sound like a show you'd like to see? Then go!"

Sue Matsuki- Cabaret Hotline



The performance, the wit and your simply magnificent glittering personality shone through outstandingly!

You even upstaged me when it came to the bling :) "

Ingrid Scott- Founder of CBD Interfaith ministry

and Board Chairwoman of

One Spirit Interfaith Seminary


"Oh, Lord have mercy! That was one of the most perfect performances I've ever seen in my life..

So authentic. So meaningful. So real..

It was a pure delight. Filled with Love, Joy, Celebration and God..

You caught me off guard a couple of times... I forgot it was Mother's Day until you sang Amazing Grace. I sang that song at my Mother's funeral. Then you sang How Great Thou Art, which I sang at my Grandmother's funeral. I hadn't really felt Mother's Day in years until last night.

I felt them both.. Thank you..

You are so Special and so Divine. Love you so much."

Tym Moss: Off Broadway performer

and Host of Artists Exposed Radio


" I am really enjoying your video of Rev. Yolanda's Gospel Hour. I'm laughing and singing along."

_Keith from N.Carolina


 "Awesome! Amen and Amen! Brought a tear to my eye."

-Shawn Thomas, Out,Gay Christian singer songwriter


"Dear Rev. Yolanda,

I'm really impressed with the Old Time Gospel hour project. Basically, it's because of the spiritual aspect of the music. I truly feel that within our respective communities, we have a great number of folks who have a spiritual upbringing, outlook ,and even a world view. Yet, too often, they don't feel they can speak up and truly present that part of themselves. The GLBT spectrum is very good at preaching diversity, yet has a hard time with spirituality, especially if it has anything to do with traditional Christianity in any way. That's terribly unfortunate. We need what you're doing."

- Pamela DeGroff writer at TG FORUM


Rev. Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour is on YOU TUBE

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Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes is an accomplished singer/songwriter/performance artist garnering awards from:

The GLBT Hall of Fame, Outvoice GLBT Music Charts, Pride In The Arts, Stonewall Society, The Fresh Fruit Festival,Blues Hall of Fame, and more.

 Rev. Yolanda was born as Roger Anthony Mapes in Muscle Shoals, Alabama –The Hit Recording Capital of The World. From very early s/he dreamed of being a music minister and singing Gospel Music. Hir first band at 17 years old was a bluegrass gospel band that played traditional and original bluegrass gospel music. S/He continued singing and playing gospel music of all types (Black Gospel, Country Gospel, Hymns, Spirituals, and Classical Choir music) at churches, colleges, youth groups, and music festivals until his senior year of college. S/He came out of the closet, and left the church,

and the music s/he loved.

S/He moved to New York City and began to explore Theater, Performance Art, and life in the LGBT Community. The journey took hir to The East Village in the 80’s, a Vermont based Radical Faerie Commune in the 90’s, and back to NYC in 2000 as a Gender Bending Performance Artist by the name of Yolanda!

Yolanda was born in the Radical Faerie Community and created a loyal following with hir original musical blend of rock, pop, country, and jazz. Yolanda moved back to NYC and rocked the downtown scene with hir band The Plastic Family, winning awards such as The GLBT Hall of Fame, OutMusician of the Year, and hitting the top of the OutVoice music charts at #1 with the song “I Wanna Know”.

In 2004 Yolanda met hir now husband, Glen, and they began a conscious spiritual path together. Yolanda explored New Thought principles as taught by Science of Mind, Unity, and A Course In Miracles. Along the way Yolanda decided to fulfill hir dream of becoming a minister. S/He enrolled at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC and became an ordained Interfaith Minister in June 2011. This has been a journey of healing- back to a personal connection to Spirit. Yolanda’s current ministry is performing as Rev. Yolanda and creating bridges of love among communities of differing beliefs using traditional and original Gospel Music blended with Hindu Kirtan and other world music styles.


Rev. Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes

Brooklyn, NY 11209