News from Chapter 2-Be The love!

Chapter 2 - Be The Love !

Greetings my friends!

I am sustained by the Love of God.. by the Love of the Allowing of the Flow of the Universe through me.

How do I BE this LOVE in the world I see that doesn't seem to be loving? I start by taking the RADICAL step of truly LOVING myself first.. and in that centered place of peace and calm-I walk into my daily life with a new vision of those around me. I see that everyone is doing the best they can. I see the call for love coming from those I meet on the street, at work, and in the subway. I see the call for love in my relationships with my friends and my dear husband. I see it because I recognize myself in those around me. We all want to be loved-but many of us don't realize that its ok to love ourselves first and foremost.

Its my pasion to practice and teach self love ...because I see how I treat people better when I care about myself. I see how my friends succeed in life when they learn to treat themselves with respect. 

So with this in mind -I offer my new version of Rev. Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour-Chapter 2- Be The Love.

(YOU can download my song "I LOVE MYSELF"  for free here: )

I hope you can join me and The Yolandaleers on March 16, or Easter Sunday April 20, or Mother's Day May 11 for a celebration of Universal Love that begins with YOU. We'll sing some old timey Gospel songs together (some lyrics have been changed to include EVERYONE) and I'll teach you some of my new Gospel Kirtan songs from my award winning cd "Country Gospel Kirtan" -including my song "HOME" -voted #1 song of 2013 by 

I will also share a story with you that made a deep impact on my life and how I came to understand the transformational gift of forgiveness that "heartbreak" gave to me. We will co-create a celebration together and transform darkness into light through song!

I hope you can join us on March 16, April 20 or May 11. Make your reservations now online and get 1/2 price TKTS through GOLDSTAR



REV. YOLANDA -THE MOVIE aka The Rocky Horror Show of Country Gospel Music:  is being edited NOW and will be released this Summer along with a Rev. Yolanda coffee table book that includes some of my favorite home made recipes that mix up Southern Cookin with a Hindu Twist! I call it "The Elvisha Cookbook" -imagine Elvis' fav foods with Indian spices and you have a hint of what's to come. Go to the above link to watch the trailer and sign up for a free online pre-screening of the movie.

AND.. my filmmaker, Ike Allen of AVAIYA Media is now releasing his newest feature "NEW THOUGHT-THE MOVIE" with a plethora of well known visionaries such as Mike Dooley, Bob Proctor, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Kylie Renner, and many more There is even a guest spot interview with me in this inspirational feature. See  "NEW THOUGHT-THE MOVIE" here:



Country Gospel Kirtan was voted one of the Top 20 cd's of 2013 on and has garnered the attention of famed blues musican Michael Packer of Windmill Music:

Michael is now representing me for promotional purposes and we are ON FI-YAH! LOL. Michael is an amazing musician and a terrific promotions expert. He loves blues, country, gospel and all types of Americanan and Roots music. Please check out his music and services here:
Michael Packer: Home Welcome to the official site of The Michael Packer Blues Band and Windmill Music. Windmill Music is a promotional management consultant company. Windmill Music represents The Michael Packer Blues Band, The Rev.Yolanda old time gospel from Muscle Shoals Alabama, Robert Hill incredible guitarist from Arkansas, Willie and the Dixons from Australia, from the San Francisco Bay area the legendary Delta Wires, also from California the great blues band Looking For Trouble, Bluesman and Blues Hall Of Fame ambassador to Sweden Bruno ..... (for more info go to website)


As always I am interested in what's going on with you and your life. I mean it when I say I want to pray with you.. so please email me with your prayer requests. I know that all things are working together for your good and that YOU are sustained by the LOVE of God.

Be well and many blessings to you and your family,

Rev. Yolanda

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