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Online Viewing of film is coming!!!




Hi Everyone, 

Here's a message from Ike Allen of Avaiya Media.. the director and publicist for Rev. Yolanda The Movie

"We wanted to let you know we'll soon be offering the free online viewing for Reverend Yolanda's Old Time Gospel Hour The Movie for all Kickstarter well as sending out most of the rewards to backers starting next week. 

Now, about the movie, we've decided to give all our Kickstarter backers one week to watch the film! We'll be sending out an email soon with the information to watch the film Thanksgiving week, November 23-29th. 

More to come and thank you so much for all you've done to help us bring Yolanda and The Inclusive Project out into the world! 

-iKE... more details at "

I am soooooo looking forward to your thoughts about the movie. Have a party-invite your friends! It is Thanksgiving week after all. Thanks for helping make the movie happen and rest assured your donations are being used for all the work and expense it takes to get the film submitted to the major film festivals and online distribution.

AND don't forget the music!

coming up:

Rev. Yolanda will be inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame on Feb. 11, 2015 at BB Kings in NYC for her cd "Country Gospel Kirtan" (submitted for Grammy nomination 2014 and her lifelong dedication to Southern musical genres. You can listen to and buy Country Gospel Kirtan here:

ALSO- the live cd soundtrack from the movie is at the above link- as well as my entire collection of award winning cds including southern rock pop- House of Joy, dance pop single- Alien Love Child, House Blend, ABBALICIOUS, and my first cd WELCOME TO YOLANDAWORLD. CLICK HERE



As always... thanks for your love and support.

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Rev. Yolanda


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