Miraculous Events

A series of miraculous events are unfolding

for my highest good

and the highest good of all beings :)

Greetings Friends and Happy Summer!

I have been  praying the above prayer every day now for the last 2 1/2 months. In that time I have seen big and little shifts in my own consciousness and the world around me. I have begun to look at everything in my life as a miraculous event.

It is a miracle that I wake up in the morning. Its a miracle that my body is so perfectly healthy after over 20 years living with HIV. It is a miracle that I have a loving partner in my life who is now LEGALLY my husband. It is a miracle that I always have everything I need in my life even when I don't have the cash in my pocket. Universal Source ALWAYS provides. I belive that life is a miracle and when I affirm that truth in my heart and mind ... that the world around me reflects that miracle. Even when events occur that are "bad" I know that a miracle is actually happening. The bad event is taking me somewhere I wouldn't have gone otherwise. That journey makes me who I am,

and I love who I am.

Exercise: ok ya'll.. take out a hand mirror and look into your own eyes and say "I love Myself". If that's difficult, then click here or here: or the widget below (hopefully your mail program allows the nifty soundcloud widget-if not follow one of the other links above)  You can hear all of the cd at my website


Now you may be wondering what that picture of me at the top of the newsletter is? AOL LIVE? What's that all about??

Well about a week ago, Rev. Yolanda was invited to the AOL LIVE ANCHOR auditions... it was hilarious!!! My call time was 7am-in FULL DRAG! It truly was a miraculous event to see ME get up at 4am in our Bay Ridge Brooklyn apartment and put on my full Rev. Yolanda drag, get on the subway, and easily and effortlessly make it right on time to the AOL studios without a bead of sweat (it was FREEZING on the R train). I was escorted immediately to the studio, miked up, and pushed into the light. "Your ON" they yelled ..and I said "Hi Ya'll Rev Yolanda here.. now its time for a song- I'LL FLY AWAY OL GLORY"... the studio cracked up and so did I! Here's the link to the video of the best moments from the audition. I come in at about 1minute: 

I was trending all day on the AOL Home page. You can still Tweet to AOL LIVE if you like.. they dig it. Tweet "I WANT REV YOLANDA" to #AOLLIVE



and finally.. MARK YOUR CALENDARS for 2 upcoming Miraculous Events...




AUGUST 10:  OUT IN THE WOODS MUSIC FESTIVAL at EASTON MOUNTAIN. I will be singing and emceeing. The headliner is John Cameron Mitchell.. with a virtual whos who of the LGBT MUSIC SCENE: Rachel Sage, Nojji, Justin Vivian Bond, Freddy Freeman, and many many more. Tickets at the EASTON MOUNTAIN website:



Well... thanks for being a friend :)

I'd love to offer you my free downloads if you haven't done so already. I have 3 of my  songs for download, and I'm offering an awesome new book published by my seminary One Spirit Learning Alliance. Have a look at

Thanks so much and Blessings to you and your family,

Rev. Yolanda





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