60 Hours Left


With 2 DAYS left to go in our campaign, we have one stretch goal - $6,000

If we raise $6,000, then we can rapidly bring the message of Reverend Yolanda to a wider audience along the likes of Rocky, Hedwig, Kinky Boots, Divine and other empowered artists!  

With the additional funds, we can create a targeted Google Ad Words campaign to send thousands of people to the ONLINE RELEASE OF THE FILM BY OCTOBER OF THIS YEAR!  

If any of your friends have said they wanted to support the project but haven't yet, make sure to let them know that their opportunity to support the project is winding down. 

You can cut and paste this to Facebook, email and more: 

Please help us make Reverend Yolanda an empowered household name: 

In 2 DAYS our Kickstarter Campaign will end!  

Let's make Reverend Yolanda quickly known to the world!!!  

Thank you again for your support Yolandaleers, 

Yolanda & iKE

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